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What should prospective members know about GOMOTT? “How amazing the group of ladies are. How welcoming and how open they are in sharing their experiences in hope to help others.” - Niska T. 

“I remember when I couldn't decide if it was worth joining GOMOTT and looking back, that was a pretty insane thought. You gals are awesome and really helped keep me afloat through the early stages of the triplets!” - Jennifer C.

“I was not only new to being a twin mom but also new to central Florida having relocated away from my family and friends. By joining GOMOTT, I established an instant network and felt like I had resources to make the transition much easier. And, the monthly meetings, occasional meeting night and parents night outs helped me take much needed breaks from the craziness of life with twins.” - Karen Z.

“When I quit my teaching job to stay at home with my twins, I never realized how much I relied on those work friendships. I suddenly found myself at home, by myself, with two newborns who didn't talk back to me. I needed to find a friend and no one truly knows what it's like raising multiples like someone who has been through it already. None of my friends understood, even those who already had kids. The support, love, advice, and laughter helped get me through the first year. I feel more confident not only as a mom but as a friend as well. I have no idea how I would have made it through those first few months without the late night texts, long sleep deprived emails, and nonsensical phone calls with GOMOTT friends.” - Melissa M.

“You won't know how much you need this community until you’re part of it. Not just for the practical advice, convenient help and stress-free relationships, but mostly because you know there's always someone that knows exactly what you're going through.” - Ruthie V.

“GOMOTT helped me so much to realize twins are just plain, ridiculously hard sometimes, and it wasn't me failing. Once I got past worrying that I was doing it all wrong, I could more fully enjoy the amazing, wondrous blessing that is twins.”
- Lynda L.

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